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Tuesday, 19 May 2015
 I've been looking forward to writing this post for some time now *yay*

The last couple of weeks (infact, starting beginning of April), has been crazy and happy and such a rush. With all the long weekends, we went away every. single. weekend. and took off some extra days because what then else is the point of being your own boss?! ;)

I loved seeing and spending time with friends we hadn't seen in ages, trying new things & going on adventures. I, with my fear of height and everything, went on the most amazing Canopy Tour in Magoebaskloof and had the time of my life. And when I say "time of my life" I mean whooping and laughing and making jokes all the way down. At one point I was so excited, I even tried to go down the slide with only the safety cable tied! For all my bravery I still had insane nightmares about the height afterwards, but we're already planning on doing the Magaliesberg Canopy Tour in November and I can't wait!

In May I celebrated the tenth anniversary of my 21st birthday, helped a little with wedding planning, held a baby crocodile (and saw lots of big ones), visited hot springs, did lots of shopping & got to attend the baby shower of another best friend (which turned out to be quite a big thing for me). With all the going away, the most important weekend seems to have been this past one - when we visited Johannesburg and felt a little like we were going to explode from all the running around.
In Pietersburg it sometimes feels like things are standing really, really still. Not much ever changes and that's great but Michael and I would often tell each other we miss the buzz of the city. It was so good to go, tap into the energy & wake up feeling like "Yeah, let's do this"!


Finally we are back home until we leave for our Botswana holiday in July. My three, four-legged monsters won't let me out of their sight, I've started renovating my office (can't wait to share the pics), I'm in the very beginning stages of two new projects that I can't say much about right now (I hate not being able to say anything) and guys, I am drunk-tired and a little disorientated (from tired) as I sit here right now. But my heart is full. I cannot WAIT to start on the loads of new projects that have come in. I feel so incredibly lucky to be on this adventure and grateful to all of you - clients and collaborators - who have made it possible.

But enough about me. Time to get this show on the road!

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